Cornish Folktales retold in verse: Witches, Fairies, Phantoms, Mermaids

Adrian Rodda
ISBN: 978-1-5272-8818-8
99 pages


Poet and storyteller Adrian Rodda is well-known in West Cornwall for his guided tours, very often brought to life by his entertaining verses.  He is also an active member of Cornwall Archaeological Society.  In an ancient landscape, where tales of mermaids and fairies abound, Adrian’s re-telling of them appeals to all ages.  The appearance of his book is very welcome and is beautifully illustrated by Maya Ronchetti, Lucy H Smith, Olivia Brelsford-Massey, Millie Holman and Joan Humphries, with photographs by Adrian Rodda and Eleanor March.

Particularly meaningful to him, Adrian is donating part of the sales of each book to Pancreatic Cancer UK.